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Thinking of a new website?

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Ever since, I’ve started working, I have kept one goal above all: customer satisfaction.

Our founder, Koenraad Vandezande

Here’s how I got started…

I began my career as a junior programmer coding in Cobol, indeed, I started a long time ago! I got the chance to work on many different platforms and learn about new technologies. But I also discovered that one of my strong qualities was to listen to the user’s needs, analyze their requests and turn them into the solutions they needed.

After a twenty-year long career in Information technology, I needed a new challenge in life, and I went back to school to become a local guide in Rio de Janeiro. As I grew into this job, I soon discovered I loved leading people through different places and making their travel experience even better through my knowledge and experience. I traveled through the bigger part of South America and Western Europe.

Combining my experience and skills from my two past careers, listening to customers’ needs combined with my vast knowledge of information technology is assuring me to get the right solution for my clients.

Our Services


A successful project connects deeply with your target audience and furthers your business goals. After our analysis of your needs, we will be able to present you the right solution for your project.

Web Design

Whether your website needs a refresh to the latest web technologies or must be build up from scratch, we can help you to get the look and user experience to boost your online presence.

Website Development

Building your website, the latest technologies will be used. The result will be a website optimized for fast loading and a user-friendly user experience.

Maintenance & Operations

Once a project is up and running, the job is not finished, we deliver ongoing support to your projects. We can assist you with a range of services such as hosting, scheduled maintenance and updates. But we also will be happy to assist you to learn how to do these tasks on your own.

Some of our Projects

Brazil Virtual Tour Website

OAT Exploring South America

Travel Information Blog

“Overseas Adventure Travel offers trips all over the world and encourages their local branches to put up blogs, so the travelers can find information they need from the local trip leaders they will be traveling with.”

Consultancy, Web Design, Web Development, hosting, maintenance.

Brazil Virtual Tour Website

Brazil Virtual Tour

Web Store

“Neyla and Gisela needed an upgrade of their wordpress website, turning it into a webstore to start selling virtual tours. With the limited budget we managed to have a solution that suits their needs.”

Consultancy, Web Design, Web Development, hosting, maintenance.

Brazil Virtual Tour Website

Tour Guide Gus

Web Presence

“Augusto GuimarĂ£es is a local tour guide in Rio de Janeiro. He already had a website to promote his services, but he urgently needed an upgrade of his old web pages.”

Consultancy, Web Design, Web Development, hosting, maintenance.

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